About Rob

Rob O’Dell is one of the fortunate ones. He loves what he does.


Looking at Rob O’Dell’s watercolors, you will feel as though you have entered a peaceful, timeless world. There is nothing contrived or artificial about his art. The past is celebrated. Time is preserved, and simplicity is found. Rob knows how to find beauty in the seemingly quiet rural life, in the slight rises and dips of the Midwestern landscape, in the nuances of color in an evening sky or in the patterns of light and shadow in a garden. His work reflects the way he lives his life—honestly, quietly, and joyfully.

Bringing over 40 years of experience to his craft, Rob has won numerous awards and exhibited his work around the world. He splits his time between a restored, turn-of-the-century gallery/studio in Ladoga, Indiana, and a home in Bonita Springs, Florida. Rob enjoys golfing, watching IU basketball, attending his grandchildren’s sporting events, and travel.